About Jane

Records I've participated in along the way

Promises to Eve (2004)
Tina Shafer
Jane, co-writer on the song: That Was Me

Because You Are With Me (2003)
Elli and Ravital Kranzler- original songs in Hebrew
Produced, arranged by Jane Williams and Dave Richards

Dragon (2003)
John Flynn
Jane background vocals and vocal arranging
Metta Four Records

Making God Smile (2002)
An Artists' Tribute to the song of Beach Boy Brian Wilson

Silent Planet Records

Leaving Town Alive (Crazy for this Girl) (2002)
Poncho's Lament
songs by Jeff Cohen
Jane, background vocals: Landing Where You Are

Beat (2001)
A collection of singersongwriters including:
Pierce Pettis, Brooks Williams and Phil Madiera
The Darkest Hour/ original song
Silent Planet Records

We Are Each Others Angels (1998)
Songs of Spiritual Awakening and Connection featuring:
Eva Cassidy, Chuck Brodsky, Bruce Coburn, and many more
Song by Jane: Show Me How to Catch a Fish
1-800-Prime CD

Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt 2 (1998)
Big League Babe
song of Christine's covered: The Moment Slipped Away
1-800-Prime CD

A Room Full of Stories (1997)
Wes King
Jane background vocals
Sparrow Records

John Flynn (1997)
John Flynn
Jane background vocals
Sliced Bread Records

Anthem (1989)
Desolation Angels
Jane: background vocals
Electric Records

Women to Women
(Compilation to benefit
reseach for breast cancer)
Mercury Records
Show me How to Catch a Fish

Suns of Cosmic Consciousness (2004)
Eli Yamin - Jazz pianist, Composer
Jane -background vocals on a song
Solar Records

Stirring it With My Friends (2000)
Vegetable Soup
Jane with kids at the Learning Community Charter School

Great Big Buildings (1990)
Great Big Buildings
Kenny Nowell and Wayne Osbourne
Jane: back ground vocals

A Question of Faith (1997)
Seth Glass
Jane: background vocals
Soaked and Salted Music