About Jane

Unexpected Weather

  1. There's a Curtain Going Down
  2. Preachin' down in Mississippi
  3. Boy, I'm Just Getting Over You
  4. Graceful Man
  5. I Measure Your Love
  6. `Cept You
  7. Gina
  8. Nothoing but the Wind
  9. Ones We do not Know
  10. Carry Him

How Unexpected Weather Was Made

After my first record, Particular People, the door was opened to make another one on the same label, Crepuscule. Since they let me pick the producer and I would be making this record in the US, I started sniffing around.

My good friend and talented singer songwriter, Willie Jones, and I were talking about music one day when I posed the question, do you know any record producers? Interestingly enough, she had just met someone who could be of help while walking her dogs. In actuality, her dogs met some other dogs in the neighborhood and through all their friendships I met guitarist, Joe Taylor, who was just starting to produce records and was in a group called, The Rhythm Dogs. I went down to hear them at the old 7th Ave South club, really liked them, and, after a few talks, we decided to do my 2nd record together in NYC.

We recorded at the old Planet Sound Studios one summer on W 30th. It was a long time ago I was still a very green music bean. Maybe I still am.

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