About Jane

Unexpected Weather

  1. There's a Curtain Going Down
  2. Preachin' down in Mississippi
  3. Boy, I'm Just Getting Over You
  4. Graceful Man
  5. I Measure Your Love
  6. `Cept You
  7. Gina
  8. Nothing but the Wind
  9. Ones We do not Know
  10. Carry Him


Percussion - Carlos Rodriguez, Robyn Lobe, Ray Marchica

Bass - Brian Stanley

Drums - Ray Marchica

Electric guitar - Joe Taylor

Soprano Sax - Anders Paulsson

Tenor Sax - Chris Potter

Background vocals - Allen Levi, Sarah Spencer

Cello - Nancy Ives

additional parts:

Electric guitar - Kenny Nowell

Bass - Frank Duvall

Synth - Pilley

Vocals, guitar and piano - Jane

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