About Jane

Tapping the Wheel

  1. Horizon
  2. The Answer Man
  3. Breaking Into the Past
  4. I'm Just Feeling it Now
  5. Show Me How to Catch a Fish
  6. These Things
  7. 15 Seconds of Grace
  8. Come On Spring
  9. Emotional Memory
  10. Nothing But the Wind
  11. Pizza Man
  12. Carry Him

How we recorded Tapping the Wheel:

It was good timing when my friend, Tom Vickers, got a job at Mercury/Polygram as an A&R man and asked if I wanted to make a record. I had been performing around town with the group mentioned above and we were excited to have the chance for a commercial release.

Paul Samwell Smith, Cat Steven's hit record producer, happened to be visiting NYC and heard us at the Red Lion the year before. He made a quick demo of us that his engineer, Lolly Grodner, took under her wing and developed further. This helped us pull many things together so that when the record deal was offered, there was something to hear and discuss beyond a few live performances. Tom then found producer Ben Wisch and it was Ben's idea to record on the 3rd floor of the church I was attending, St Paul St Andrew United Methodist. Ben worked his magical sounds and ideas creatively within our small budget and just a couple of mics. From the walls of the old Sunday school rooms emerged this new and old friend, Tapping the Wheel. We couldn't have done it with out the love and inspiration of family, these friends, church friends and all our enthusiasm about music itself.

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