About Jane

Tapping the Wheel

  1. Horizon
  2. The Answer Man
  3. Breaking Into the Past
  4. I'm Just Feeling it Now
  5. Show Me How to Catch a Fish
  6. These Things
  7. 15 Seconds of Grace
  8. Come On Spring
  9. Emotional Memory
  10. Nothing But the Wind
  11. Pizza Man
  12. Carry Him


Dave Richards, stand up bass

Dave Richards, bass

Marc Shulman, electric guitar

Shawn Pelton, drums

Everett Bradley, percussion and vocals

Ilene Reid, vocals

Juan Patino, vocals

Michelle Kinney, cello

Anders Paulsson, soprano sax

Richard Julian, vocals

Everett and Eileen helped arrange some of the background vocals and Juan Patino contributed in the same way to bv's on Horizon and I'm Just Feeling it Now.

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