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The Patchwork of Lost and Found

  1. Sometimes Love Is
  2. It's Spring
  3. Vapor
  4. Flagpole
  5. Tell Me
  6. Swanilda
  7. Thomas
  8. Bamboo Grove
  9. Fields of Bounty
  10. Delta Guitar
  11. Karen
  12. Tonight I Look at the Sky

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This is how we recorded:

As I write, I always play guitar or piano in the process and as usual, I put most of these ideas down on my walkman. After trying some of them out at gigs, Dave set up some cool recording gear, piecing together 2 musicians odds and ends, and we started playing around with production ideas with him on stand up bass and me on acoustic guitar and keyboards.

Steve Addabbo, a long time favorite engineer/producer of many acoustic musicians, then co- produced most of those tracks with us in his great studio, Shelter Is Sound* in NYC. Steve worked creatively with us and with tracks I had recorded in Franklin, Tn and at Bear Trax in NY with the talented singer songwriter and producer, Wayne Kirkpatrick. Wayne's friend and wonderful engineer, Dan Marnien, who we were in awe of for his work with Joni Mitchell, did some wonderful engineering and mixing on several songs from Bear Trax and Franklin.

Ben Wisch then mixed the majority of the record in his beautiful, bright water way. From his studio in Greenwich Village, he did a superb job of pulling together the many pieces (of what then came to be known as) The Patchwork of Lost and Found. I think we recorded about 15 or 16 songs and wound up using 12.

*Matt Cane and Noah Simon were Steve Addabbo's assistant engineers at Shelter Island Sound and they they helped out tremendously.

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