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The Patchwork of Lost and Found

  1. Sometimes Love Is
  2. It's Spring
  3. Vapor
  4. Flagpole
  5. Tell Me
  6. Swanilda
  7. Thomas
  8. Bamboo Grove
  9. Fields of Bounty
  10. Delta Guitar
  11. Karen
  12. Tonight I Look at the Sky

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Moving to a new town, a new home and into a new phase of life, I found the rock tumbler of thoughts, rhythm, melody and harmony churned on... sometimes happily and other times, rather inopportunely, but in the wee hours or the middle of cooking something that I couldn't leave, I think I started finding a way of letting more pebbles stay a mystery, keeping their histories in tact and to themselves.

After having lived in NYC for 11 years, Weehawken was mostly quiet. I think it shows in songs like, Vapor, Swanilda and Thomas.

I can't say I am drawn to or away from any style of music. Every beat, every melody, every voice, every instrument expressed by any person holds something of interest.

I started out with more songs and more styles for this CD and finally selected the ones here, mostly for their lyrics.

I think the 2 songs that I like the best of these are "Sometimes Love Is" and "Karen". They're kind of opposites in harmonic structure but the same in human spirit.

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More on Songs from Patchwork