About Jane

Particular People

  1. What if
  2. Do You Remember Me
  3. Heart Tease
  4. Drive Away Darkness
  5. Who Waits for the Minister
  6. February Hues
  7. My Understanding
  8. Gray
  9. Everything but Love
  10. Sunrise Eyes
  11. I'm Leaving for You

how we recorded:

A few of these songs were first recorded in the old Planet Sound studios on W. 30th. Artie Bressler, saxophonist and studio owner introduced me to bassist, Jeff Ganz and drummer, Joe Dumone. I brought Anders Paulsson, soprano saxophonist from school, who I'd been playing with in Aspen, Colorado and at the Cottonwood Cafe in NYC. Artie had a wonderful piano there and he and his friend, Jonathan Hickman, engineered.

This cassette is what I was asked to give to a friend who let record co president, Michel Duval, hear.

Between this time and the making of Particular People, I met Kenny Nowell from Jackson, Ms whose guitar playing knocked my socks off. He accompanied me to ICP studios in Brussels where we played our guitars, (he played mostly electric, I played mostly classical, and also played piano). We swam through the language barriers to get the songs recorded and into a little headset where I listened to it alone by a lake after only a few days of recording. I remember pushing stop and thinking, "Ok. it's not perfect, but i think there're some good moments here and it's a start. Let's go home."; Then, it was released on Crepuscule Records. ("Produced"; by Jane and Kenny Nowell, Engineered by Michel Dierckx at Studio ICP - Bruxelles)

I think what we wound up with was a neat scrap book of some of my earlier and more melodious love songs. It was a nutty beginning, but it took us all the way to Japan, Spain, Holland, and back to Belgium again for some fun tours. In Japan, we saw audiences sing the words to what had once felt like my secret songs. This was mysterious and wonderful to me for I had dreamed as a 5 year old while staring at my sister's trinket from summer camp (an Asian boat with passengers aboard) that one day I would travel to Japan.

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