About Jane

Particular People

  1. What if
  2. Do You Remember Me
  3. Heart Tease
  4. Drive Away Darkness
  5. Who Waits for the Minister
  6. February Hues
  7. My Understanding
  8. Gray
  9. Everything but Love
  10. Sunrise Eyes
  11. I'm Leaving for You

More on the Songs from Particular People:

Everyone of these songs was about southerners i adored, including family, with the exception of the last song,which was a co- write with someone I met while working in a gift shop at 57th and Broadway. He brought some lyrics in that we worked with while the shop wasn't busy. Now that I think about it, i can ususually remember where I've written all my songs.

I think my favorite from this record is, Who Waits for the Minister. I wrote this one for my sister as she was becoming a minister and working as a hospital chaplain answering the needs of many patients.

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